Paranormal Yakker with Stan Mallow
Previous Guests

Jerry Mystic
Rune stones are one of the world's oldest forms of divination. Jerry Mystic has mastered the ancient art of reading them.
Patrick Cross
Founder of Discovery Ghosts! Paranormal Investigator, Researcher. Ghost Tour Organizer. Alien Abductee. TV Personality.
Edd Scorpio
Aka Pirate Captain John Swallow, Edd is a photographer, ghost hunter, paranormal investigator and indigenous healer.
Seika Groves
Mistress of Macabre. Paranormal Investigator. Award-winning Psychic Medium Conducts Haunted History Tours.
Joyce Barnes
Spiritist Joyce Barnes is a 5th generation clairvoyant, medium, spiritual energy healer. She is also a Reiki master.
Wes Roberts
Experiencer, College Professor Wes Roberts co-wrote the book, Intersections: A True Story of Extraterrestrial Contact.
Donovan King
Founder of Haunted Montreal, a company that researches ghost stories and offers haunted tours.
Don Donderi
A retired university professor, Don is the author of UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence.
George Noory
George is the host of Coast to Coast AM, a late-night nationally syndicated talk show heard by millions of listeners.
The Amazing Kreskin
World-renowned mentalist Kreskin became a household name when his TV series, The Amazing World of Kreskin, was launched.
Geoffrey West
Geoffrey is a visionary consultant and anchor of Cosmic Vision News, a show with a galactic and spiritual perspective.
Patricia Cori
World visionary and best selling author of Atlantis Rising, The Cosmos of Soul, and Beyond The Matrix.
Peter Sacco
Author, award-winning executive producer, director and actor. Paranormal Profilers. Niagara's Most Haunted.
Lana Marconi
UFO/ET documentary filmmaker. Her works included Orenda Force of Consciousness, New Human, New Earth New Humanity.
Tom Clearwater
Executive producer for Steven Greer's documentary, Serius. Source of funding for Citizens Hearing on ET Disclosure.
Sandra Kyrzakos
Philosopher/Author. 4th Dimension Expert. Founder of SHIFT into ONE (SIO). Often referred to as applied quantum physics.
Dr Q Moayad
Founder & President at Indian Palm Leaf Reading Insitute. Personal Development Transformational Mentoring.
Debbie Papadakis
Past life regression hypnotherapist. Life between lives practitioner. Founding Director of Hypno Healing Institute.
Carmen Di Luccio
Astrologer and Alchemist. Carmen consuts and advises clients for spiritual, personal, business, and strategic purposes.
Christopher Oliphant
Co-author of Accepting the Radical. You Can Not Be Fixed, a subversive book for personal growth & self-help.
Ronna Smithrim
Co-author of Accepting the Radical. You Can Not Be Fixed; a radical take on most other therapies, techniques & books.
Buck Rodgers
Buck participated in numerous paranormal investigations on Paranormal Profilers, Haunted Niagara, and other platforms.
Allen Jaggard
One of the founding members of The Toronto Centre of The Aetherius Society. Lectures on UFOs & government cover-ups.
Alicja Aratyn
Founder, Alicja Centre of Well-Being. Past VP of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. Teacher, American Society of Dowsing.
Ted Silverhand
Tuscarora Seer Spiritman Ted Silverhand comes from a long lineage of seers dating back to the early 1700s.
Brenda Silverhand
Motivational speaker and writer. Her writings & lectures inspire and encourage people to power up and succeed.
Dennis Claveau
Representative of the EVP Society of Ontario, a group of ghost hunters that share their passion for the paranormal.
Mike Kowalski
EVP Society of Ontario representative. Travels across Ontario, investigating claims of paranormal activity.
Darryl Learn
Darryl conducts ghost tours of Old Fort Erie, the War of 1812 National Historic Site. The Fort is Canada’s bloodiest battlefield.
Irma Haggith
Akashic Records Soul Reader. S.H.I.F.T. Release Facilitator. Labyrinth Workshops. Spiritual & Holistic Counselor.
Joe Eigo
Master Energy Healer. Personal Empowerment Facilitator. Joe's mission is to create an enlightened society.
Kyle Upton
Established Ghost Tours of Niagara. Kyle conducts haunted ghost tours of Fort George National Historic Site.
Torina Gardner-Durdle
Talented elemental artist. Torina helped organize the Enchanted Pumpkin Gala at the Mount Carmel Art Centre Gallery.
Colin Chilvers
Oscar-Winning Film Director & Special Effects Coordinator. Superman, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Condorman, X-Men.
Jeanne Van Bronkhorst
Author of Dreams At The Threshold: Guidance, Comfort and Healing at the End of Life and Premonitions in Daily Life.
Jim Ferguson
Crystaloloigst. Known as The Enchanted Peddler & The Crystal Man. Jim specializes in Swarovski Crystals.
Gordon Spowart
Founder & President of the Numerology Institute of Canada. Travelled the world, teaching numerology & spirituality.
Corbie Mitleid
Psychic Medium & Author. Her work showcased in Robert Schwartz's series, Your Soul's Plan & Your Soul's Gift.
Anita Merrick - Crystal Wind
Mystical author. Third generation psychic. Ordained priests in the Order of Melchizedek. Certified tarot master.
Charlotte Szivak
Psychic. Alchemist. Animal Communicator. Charlotte has a full sensory perception. Spiritual guide. Soul retreat leader.
John White
John is a registered Lily Dale Medium & Master Spiritual Teacher. He unites Eastern Insight with Western Mysticism.
Dr Richard Leach
A BioEnergy Therapist, metaphysician & founder of BioEnergy Therapy. He is also the author of KarmicDNA.
Paul Pacific
Canada's Barefoot Prophet. He saw his first aura at age 14. Spiritual readings, psychometry, tarot cards, numerology.
Ray Faucher
Co-founder of Aura Photos by First Star, a company specializing in advanced Kirlian & Tesla aura & chakra photography.
Susan Carter
Spiritually intuitive since childhood, Psychic Medium Susan Carter has taken part in many paranormal investigations.
Known as The Oracle of Delphi Kalliope is a 4th generation Psychic Medium and channels messages from Spirit.
Sheila Watson
Ordained Spiritualist Minister. Master Medium. Certified Metaphysician. Animal Intuitive. Business Psychic.
Psychic Medium and Author. Sophia communicates messages from spirit guides and with those who have crossed over.
Frank Bozak
Psychic Medium. Combines his spiritual gifts with his training as a film composer to create healing music.
Eddie Diijon
Tarot card & palm reader. He has read for Madonna and Cher. Eddie also appeared on the David Letterman Show five times.
Dianne Bullied
Certified Feng Shui Consultant. Fonder of The Feng Shui Way. She works with both residential and commercial clients.
Debbie – Innervision
Debbie is a clairvoyant and clairsentient. She uses tarot cards, Osho Zen cards and the pendulum for her forecasts.
Kathleen Boldt
Psychic Medium. Uses inborn gifts paired with extensive training to connect with loved ones who have crossed over.
Ana Prieto
Ana Prieto of The Tarot Path is a psychic medium. In her readings, she combines tarot cards, numerology & dowsing.
Betty Jane Ware
Betty Jane is a third-generation seer, intuitive reader, and practicing Witch. She has also written books on mediumship.
Liz Throp
Psychic. Medium. Empath. Liz works with spirit guides & loved ones on the other side. Certified Soul-Life Coach.
Allison Boswell
Psychic Medium. Receives visions, words, thoughts, directly from spirit & those that have passed onto the Other Side.
Nick Edens
Nick is an intuitive reader who works with rune stones; a popular and ancient form of divination used by the Vikings
Tammariska is a Certified Psychic Medium. Member of the Lily Dale Assembly in New York. She gives messages from spirit.
Angelyn is an Angelologist, Artist, Psychic, Healer & Spiritual Visionary. Author of Connecting With Your Angel.
Kitty Osborne
Kitty resided at & was a certified and professional medium at Lily Dale. She also taught spiritual & psychic development.
Liese Martel
Liese is a Certified Medium & Angel Therapy Practitioner. She also does Euro Card Readings using rare Tarot Cards.
Claudia Dale
Claudia is a spiritual healer & intuitive counsellor who utilizes unique modalities, including Atlantean healing methods.
Jacqui Michells
Artist Jacqui Michells of Gen'n I Gemstonze creates esoteric jewellery designed to raise your awareness and vibrations.
Lynda Doyle
Lynda is a 5th generation Psychic Medium. Her unique style includes her own Angel Rods & Spirit Cards.
Margarett Sample
Margarett is an Intuitive Medium, Channel, Spiritual Consultant, Past Life Regression Counsellor, & Life Coach.
Marilyn Lea Bishop
Marilyn gives intuitive readings that encompass astrology, numerology, energy readings and empathic feelings.
Sandie Byrne
Sandies is an Irish Evidential Psychic Medium. She passes on messages from spirit and evidence of life after death.
Louise Michaud
Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Medium, teacher spiritual counsellor, metaphysician, author and angel practitioner.