Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2022-05-31 - Episode 22

Kathleen Marden – Forbidden Knowledge

“Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey from Alien Abduction to Spiritual Transformation” written by UFO Contact Researcher and best-selling author Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill, the first scientifically investigated case of alien abduction, discusses her book with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube series, Paranormal Yakker. In the interview, Kathleen reveals the many personal experiences and struggles she has had dealing with the unknown, why she decided to go forward with writing this book despite being threatened by certain powers who did not want it written. Kathleen gained access to files that were filled with astounding evidence of the governments’ secret interest in communication with our non-human visitors. What she discovered is also spoken about as well as her interactions oover the years with thousands of UFO contact experiencers.