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Season 2022-05-17 - Episode 20

Philip Mantle – UFO Landings UK

UFO researcher, author, and founder of Flying Disk Press, Philip Mantle, discusses his book, “UFO Landings UK” with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube series, Paranormal Yakker. As the title of his book indicates, Philip covers UFO landing cases in the UK, with the addition of the Republic of Ireland. The case histories featured in the book are looked at for their “high strangeness” value. What does that phrase mean? Philip answers that question. The UFO landings described in the book begins long before the modern era of UFOs, which began in 1947, and takes us right up to the present time. What was the oldest report Philip found regarding the sighting of a UFO? Which decade had more UFO sightings than any other? The answers to those questions are given during the interview. In addition, Philip relates some of the more bizarre UFO landing cases he came across