Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2022-04-12 - Episode 15

Indrani Sinha – The Michael Newton Institute – Life Between Lives

Dr. Michael Newton was a highly regarded international spiritualist regressionest, known as a pioneer of after life exploration and wrote best-selling books about life between lives. Indrani Sinha, Public Engagement Director for the Michael Newton Institute discusses with Stan Mallow, host of the YouTube show “Paranormal Yakker” the institute, which was founded by Dr. Newton, life between lives, and spiritual hypnotherapy. In the interview you will learn Dr. Newton’s findings on how it feels to die and what we see and feel right after death, who greets us on the other side when we leave our physical bodies and pass into the spirit realm. Also talked about during the interview is the process involved in choosing another body when returning to Earth after we passed over, how someone can recognize if a person they met is a true soul mate, and in what ways do spirits connect with and comfort the living.