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Season 2022-03-15 - Episode 11

Brian Allan – The Deception of Gods and Men

Brian Allan, author of a number of books on the paranormal and editor-in-chief of the online publication Phenomena Magazine talks with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube show “Paranormal Yakker” about “The Deception of Gods and Men, the book he co-wrote with with fellow author and supernatural researcher Barry Fitzgerald. The book offers an alternative viewpoint regarding the afterlife beliefs held my many people and addresses the question of what really lurks behind the veil separating this world for the next. “The Deception of Gods and Men “challenges the way we perceive fraudulent messengers as it reveals connections between such diverse subjects as Ufology, cryptozoology and the occult. In the interview Brian tells Stan the connection they have. Puppet masters, beings in the shadows, UFOs, Operation Paperclip, Stargate, alien abductions, artificial intelligence and the Star Wars Missile Defense program are also discussed.