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Season 2022-03-08 - Episode 10

Preston Dennett – UFOs Over New York

MUFON field investigator Preston Dennett discusses his book, “UFOs Over New York. A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Empire State” with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube show “Paranormal Yakker”. The first sighting of a UFO in New York State was over 150 years ago. Preston describes that sighting. There have been sightings of flying saucers reported in downtown New York City, on Broadway, and the iconic Empire State Building. In the interview Preston talks about them. Musician Jimi Hendrix claimed to have been saved by aliens in upstate New York. That encounter is expanded on as well as sightings of UFOs by other celebrities in New York. This includes John Lennon and Muhammad Ali. Sightings of UFOs by pilots and passengers on commercial airlines flying over New York are also spoken about in the interview. New York has experienced numerous blackouts over the years. During these massive power failures, strange objects appeared in the skies. There are those who claim UFOs caused them and that ETs communicated to them telepathically why they caused those blackouts. Those reasons are revealed in the interview. The locations of crop circles and areas that are hot beds of UFO activity in New York are given as well.