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Season 2022-03-01 - Episode 9

Nigel Watson – UFOs of the First World War

Nigel Watson, author of “UFOs of the First World War: Phantom Airships, Balloons, Aircraft and Other Mysterious Aerial Phenomena” talks with host Stan Mallow on The Paranormal Yakker Show about his book. Many UFO sighting reports during World War 1 came from UK pilots. Nigel describes what those pilots said they saw. One of the most bizarre reports of UFO encounters was about Manfred von Richthofen, known by most people today as The Red Baron, who, while flying over Belgium, encountered a saucer-shaped craft. Supposedly, he shot the craft down and two people escaped from it. Nigel gives his take on that story. In Turkey in 1915 it was reported that several hundred British troops went to the top of a hill, a large cloud came over the hill, and, when the cloud went away, all the soldiers had disappeared. Nigel details how such an incredible incident gained the traction it did. The “Scareoplanes” of Canada and other UFO sightings reported during WW1 are also covered in the interview.