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Season 2022-02-01 - Episode 5

Kevin Randle – Levelland – UFOs in Texas

Kevin Randle, best-selling author of books about the UFO crash in Roswell and The Deep State yaks with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube show, Paranormal Yakker, about “Levelland”. It’s the first book to examine in detail a series of UFO sightings that took place in and around Levelland, Texas in 1957. In a two hour period there were numerous reports of a glowing, egg-shaped craft approaching cars, stalling the engines, and dimming the headlights. Within days of the UFO reports the Air Force dispatched a sergeant to investigate. Subsequently, the Air Force announced their explanation of the sightings. Kevin tells what they said. What they said was, to say the least, not the truth. Kevin has discovered new evidence about the Air Force participation in a secret investigation that proves the Air Force investigation was a sham, controlled by the government to conceal the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. In the interview with Stan, Kevin elaborates on that. In his book, “Levelland”, Kevin includes the latest findings about the UFO sightings in Levelland, Texas and a number of new witnessed to the event. What are these latest findings? Who are the new witnesses? What did they say? That’s all covered in the interview.