Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2022-01-18 Episode 3

MG Stephens – The Boogeyman Chronicles

‘The Boogeyman Chronicles” was written by neurodivergent medium and empath, MG Stephens. She discusses her book with Stan Mallow on his Paranormal Yakker TV show. Her mother was a well-known psychic and worked with detectives, helping them solve cold cases. MG tells Stan when she became aware of the fact that she inherited her mother’s psychic genes, and recalls her first paranormal experience. When she was a youngster, a humanoid appeared in the backyard of her home. MG describes what that humanoid looked like and what her reaction was when she saw it. Malicious paranormal activity has always been around MG. In the interview she gives the reasons she feels she has been targeted by malicious entities. MG’s mother astral travelled to the home of her oldest sibling. The circumstances surrounding that are detailed. MG’s life has been filled with having nightmares, hearing strange sounds and even being at the mercy of a foot monster. She expands on those experiences. Several times in her life MG has had encounters with what she “The Chasers”. What or who are ‘The Chasers”? She reveals that in the interview. Alien encounters with greys and communicating with them telepathically are also spoken about during the interview. Ghosts, UFOs, unexplained phenomena of MG and family members are all covered in the interview.