Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2021 Episode 34

Amanda Romania – Akashic Records

Amanda Romania is an acclaimed author, intuitive healer, speaker, metaphysics teacher, and much sought after visionary spiritual mentor. In her interview on Paranormal Yakker with host Stan Mallow she talks about Akashic Records. This includes her books, Akashic Cosmic Connections and Akashic Therapy: Unlock The Secrets of Your Soul, as well as her Akashic Records Oracle Cards. Amanda explains the history of Akashic Records, its history and what’s in the Akashic Records. Her book, Akashic Cosmic Connections gives the keys and codes with other realms and guides her readers on how they can connect with the alien races that have influenced and continue to influence human life. She also ends each chapter with a meditation to help readers find peace and growth. Amanda shares one of those meditations. In Akashic Therapy: Unlock The Secrets of Your soul, she writes that Akashic Therapy works with sacred meditation to examine the past, present, future and between-life for healing, clearing, and clarity. Amanda elaborates on that. She also explains how her Akashic Oracle Cards work and how they differ from other forms divination cards, such as the tarot. Every year, Amanda leads spiritual journeys to sacred sites and energy centers. This includes Egypt, Glastonbury and Peru. In the interview, Amanda tells what there is about these sites that puts them on such a high vibration and spiritual plateau, and what characteristics they have in common. Amanda also talks about the many activities taking place at her Atlantis Metaphysical Center in Sedona, Arizona.