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Season 2021 Episode 26

Ralph Blumenthal - The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack

Ralph Blumenthal was an award-winning reporter for the New York Times and co-authored the Times article in 2017 that broke the news of a secret Pentagon unit investigating UFOs. In his interview with Stan Mallow on Paranormal Yakker he discusses his book, “The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack”. Ralph speaks candidly about Dr. John Mack, an eminent Harvard psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer who risked his career to investigate the phenomenon of human encounters with alien beings. In his research John Mack interviewed a diverse cross-section of people who reported being taken against their wills by aliens beings. This included children as young as two years of age. Ralph Blumenthal talks about many of these encounters, including how those encounters by children affected them when they became adults. In addition to his interest in the abduction phenomenon, Dr. Mack was fascinated with the possibility of survival of consciousness after death. In the Epilogue section of “The Believer” Ralph includes a number of possible after-death communications by Mack to former close associates. Dr. John Macks conflicts with Harvard academic authorities who saw his work with UFO experiencers as being outside the limits of his academic and medical roles is also spoken about as well as Macks use of Psychedelic drugs.