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Season 2021 Episode 22

Thomas Steenburg. Sasquatch Investigator

Thomas Steenburg is an avid Sasquatch investigator and researcher. He has also authored 3 books on Sasquatch and co-authored two others. In his interview with host Stan Mallow on Paranormal Yakker Thomas says when he first developed an interest in Sasquatch and what was the driving force behind his decision to actively search for and prove its existence. Thomas has travelled thousands of miles in his search of Sasquatch evidence. From all the places he has visited, he felt the answer would be in British Columbia, Canada. That’s where he now resides. He explains to Stan why he feels British Columbia holds the answers to proving the existence of Sasquatch. Reports continue to this day of Sasquatch sightings in the forest mountains of Alberta, Canada’s Wild Rose Province. Many Albertans believe that these mysterious creatures of the forest do exist. So does Thomas. In the interview he explains why he believes that. In the book, Sasquatch in British Columbia. A Chronology of Incidents and Important Events, co-written with Christopher Murphy, the earliest fossilized indications of the existence of the creature are included. Thomas elaborates on that find. In his book, Sasquatch in Alberta: Big Foot in Wild Rose Country, Thomas covers over 20 years of investigations. He highlights a few of the more impressive ones for the Paranormal Yakker audience.