Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2021 Episode 21

Katie Griboski. UFO Investigator – Researcher – Author

Katie Griboski is a UFO investigator, researcher, author, experiencer, and Colorado MUFON state director. The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is known for its paranormal activity. However, a Colorado Ranch, known as Clearview, which Katie has a family connection to, and predates the Skinwalker Ranch by over a decade and a half has also experienced paranormal activity. In her interview with host Stan Mallow on Paranormal Yakker Katie shares some of her paranormal experiences at that ranch. This includes cattle mutilations and other unexplained phenomena. She also gives her theory as to why certain areas, such as The Skinwalker Ranch and The Clearview Ranch have become major hotspots of paranormal activity. As part of her independent research and investigations Katie frequently visits archives with UFO reports, and travels to different regions to conduct face-to-face interviews with experiencers and eyewitnesses. She talks about the common denominators she found amongst them. Katie is the founder of the Colorado UFO Paranormal Research Group. She tells Stan what motivated her to start the group, who its members are, and its purpose. In the book, Letters of Love & Light: Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences and Sightings Shared with Ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD Katie provides insight into what happens when humans have contact with non-humans. She shares the things about Dr. Sprinkle she found most impressive. Katie also talks about the next book she is working on, which is titled, High Strangeness on a Colorado Ranch: the Colorado “Skinwalker” Ranch – Craft, Cattle, Cryptids, cover-ups.