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Season 2021 Episode 11

Kevin D Randle. UFOS and The Deep State

UFOs and The Deep State. 50 years of disinformation, saboteurs, intimidation, and cover-ups was written by Kevin D Randle, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot and aircraft commander. He was deployed to Iraq as an intelligence officer and served on active duty with the Army and later the Air Force. He retired from the military with more than twenty-two years of service. In his interview with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube show r he discusses his book. The book is a history of the military and shadow government’s war against the truth. The term Deep State has been used with such frequency in recent years by various sides of the political spectrum to advance their own agenda, many people believe it is of recent origin. Kevin points out the Deep State dates back to the 1930’s, and gives his take on the Deep State, specifically, in regard to UFOs. When it comes to UFO coverups, what comes to mind for most people is the crash of a craft of unknown origin in Roswell, New Mexico in1947. Kevin has researched the Roswell incident more than probably anyone else and he has written extensively about it. He gives his opinion regarding if the craft that crashed in Roswell was of alien origin. There is no doubt Kevin believes a Deep State exists, and their mission is to hide, obscure, and delete information as it pertains to UFOs and alien interactions. He gives their reason for doing that and what they hope to accomplish by perpetuating those falsehoods. Who is part of the Deep State, and how did they become part of it? Are they recruited, is it passed on within certain families, agencies or companies? Kevin Randle gives us the answer. A number of former Presidents of the United States claimed to have seen UFOs themselves and made glowing promises to the public there would be full disclosure of UFO information. That never happened. Kevin tells us the reason for that. In his interview with Stan Kevin reveals a shocking revelation; that being how the Deep State conducted interrogations that involved various techniques using chemicals and other mind-altering procedures. He tells us who they were conducted on and why they were conducted. Will the truth about alien beings visiting our planet come from someone here on Earth, fully realizing they risk harsh consequences if they do? Or will it come the aliens themselves who decide it’s time they revealed themselves to us? Kevin Randle gives the answer to that question in his interview with Stan.