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Season 2021 Episode 9

Mike Dupler. On The Trail of Bigfoot. Tracking the Enigmatic Giants of the Forest

On the Trail of Bigfoot: Tracking the Enigmatic Giants of the Forest, was written by paranormal researcher and skilled outdoorsman Mike Dupler. Mike has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomena for many years and has, in fact, had personal encounters with these mysterious creatures. In his interview with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube show he explains what sparked his interest originally in wanting to explore Bigfoot creatures and prove their existence. Creatures resembling Bigfoot, who is also called by other names, such as Sasquatch, have been reported all over the globe. While the names may differ, how they are described is similar. Mike points out these common features and characteristics. In his search for Bigfoots, Mike discovered stick structures as well as teepee structures. He attributes the building of them to Bigfoots and tells Stan what he thinks those structures stand for and what purpose they serve. Native Americans attribute supernatural and mystical powers to Bigfoot creatures, and Mike believes they may be right. In this interview, Mike states why he thinks that. Mike also describes the social order of Bigfoot type creatures. The Skywalker Ranch in Utah is believed to be the location of an inter-dimensional port, and there have been reports of a Bigfoot type creature coming out of this portal. Mike has researched the ranch and gives his reasons as to why so much paranormal activity takes place there. Mike also reveals the locations of Bigfoot hotspots and gives sound advice for those who want to investigate Bigfoot creatures on their own.