Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2021 Episode 7

Christian Cagigal. San Francisco Ghost Hunt

San Francisco Ghost Hunt is a San Francisco ghost tour company. In his interview with Stan Mallow on the YouTube show, Christian Cagigal, who is a professional magician, actor and writer tells Stan how he originally got involved with the tour company and eventually became the owner operator of it. His ghost tours cover the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco. In the interview, Christian mentions a number of haunted areas in San Francisco that his tour covers. This includes haunted hotels. Christian details paranormal experiences at the hotels as well as other areas in the Pacific Heights district, including spirit happenings at formidable Victorian mansions from the 1800’s, which were not destroyed during the great San Francisco Earthquake. Numerous chilling paranormal experiences are spoken of; both those experienced by people on Christian’s tours as well as by Christian himself. Christian also gives sound advice on the best way to photograph ghosts.