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Season 2021 Episode 2

Daniel & Teresa Duke. The Mysterious Life & Faked Death of Jesse James

Infamous outlaw Jesse James faked his own death according to his great-great grandchildren, Daniel and Teresa Duke. In their interview with Stan Mallow on the YouTube Show they talk about this revelation in the book they wrote about him, The Mysterious Life and Faked Death of Jesse James. The book is based on family records, forensic evidence, and his personal journals. They talk about the many myths, misconceptions, and outright falsehoods said about Jesse James and set the record straight by separating the lies from the truth. Daniel and Teresa speak about the obstacles they encountered in their search to prove they are related to Jesse James, and why they think certain people did not want them to know the truth about their family connection to Jesse James. Daniel and Teresa reveal little known facts about the early childhood of Jesse James, the circumstances that occurred in his life which pretty much gave him no option in life other than to pursue the road he took, that being to form a gang that was notorious for robbing banks, trains, stagecoaches, and stores. They also go into detail on how Jesse James, considered America’s Robin Hood faked his own death, employing the help of friends, family and fellow gang members to pull it off. Further, they speak about Jesse James life after his faked death and his interest in secret societies such as The Masons and The Knights of Templar.