Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2020 Episode 14

Ted Silverhand. Tuscarora Seer & Medicine Man

Ted Silverhand is a highly revered Tuscarora Seer and Medicine Man. In his interview with host Stan Mallow on the YouTube show Ted talks about when, as a child, he was first made aware of his gifts. He also talks about his connection to a Spirit Council of Native Elders, and how, through them, he receives much of his intuitive guidance. He provides advice to those who want to develop their own psychic and spiritual abilities, and the importance of meditation. Ted has counseled thousands of people over the years, including many celebrities and famous personalities. This included Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. In this interview, Ted describes what they are like up close when they are not on the stage, and what he spoke with them about. Eight months before Hurricane Sandy, one of the most devastating hurricanes on record did so much destruction, Ted prophesied it and warned people in coastal areas to move to higher grounds. Regretfully, that prophecy was not heeded, and many people needlessly lost their lives. In his interview with Stan, Ted predicts future catastrophes, revealing where and when they will happen.