Paranormal Yakker with your host Stan MallowParanormal Yakker with your host Stan Mallow

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Season 2020 Episode 2

Donovan King. Haunted Montreal

Montreal is not only one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Canada it is also one of the most haunted cities in the world. Donovan King, founder of Haunted Montreal, a company that researches ghost stories and offers tours of the city talks about them in his interview with Stan Mallow on the YouTube show, All of Donovan’s tours are led by costumed professional actors. In this interview, Donovan mentions the various areas of Montreal that have long had strong paranormal activity and he gives the backstories as to why they are haunted. The tours covered by Donavan include Griffintown, the old Red-Light-District where the headless prostitute, Mary Gallagher, has been known to walk the streets; Haunted Mount Royal, the largest intact burial ground in North America; and the haunted streets, cemeteries, bars, and hotels of Downtown Montreal. This interview is scary, informative, and fun.